Contemporary Wedding Photography  

Unfortunately I am not currently doing Weddings, having spent over 30 years photographing well over 1000 Bride and Grooms.

I'm not ruling them out completely but have come to the decision that the service I have supplied since 1979 is now in need of updating.

The modern Bride and Groom's requirements are for a much wider coverage of events throughout their special day. This is completely understandable as the day itself has grown into an even bigger event with ever increasing costs (photography including), so it is only natural to want to record as much as possible.

I would however pass on the following pieces of advice:

1. Make sure you fully discuss your requirements with your photographer at least a few weeks before the day. If you need any specific groups photographed, give your a photographer a list to work from.

2. Ask to see examples from several weddings, at different times of the year and under different weather conditions.

3. Recommendation by word of mouth is much better than any sales pitch.

4. If you are going for an images package only, make sure you are able to have all the files, both as edited and unedited RAW format.                


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5. Ask your photographer if they have a back-up plan should they have any equipment failure or are unable to get to the wedding.

6. If you are expecting your photographer to attend all day, then make sure you feed them!.


Lastly, over the years one thing I have found is that no matter how well you plan your wedding, something will always not go to plan so just go with the flow and HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

I am happy to pass on any further advice as to the requirements you should ask for from your chosen photographer..


I hope this has been of use to you and maybe I'll be doing Weddings again in the future......