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Welcome to Delmar Studio

  Based in the middle of Taunton, Delmar Studio have been taking photographs for over 70 years. To date I have been here since 1979 and hopefully have continued to supply hiqh quality Professional Photography at an affordable price for the people of Taunton and surrounding areas

I could go on now about photography being my passion etc etc, which every other site seems to mention, but the fact I have stuck at it for all my working life must mean something. Either I really enjoy it, or I'm too daft to change. I must admit to having thought about change, but there aren't many jobs where I could meet such a variety of interesting and wide-ranging people, and to have worked for so many people who I can now genuinely call friends.

   I spend about 50% of my working time away from the studio so would always advise booking an appoiuntment if you intend to call in.

Apart from Portraits and Passports in the studio, i do a lot of property photography for several of the leading local agents, Fine Art photography for 3 local auction houses, in the Somerset & Dorset area, specialist copying work for many local artist, plus numerous other commercial clients. The variety of the work always adding to the continued challenges and enjoyment of the job.

    Since the turn of the Millenium and Digital Photography being much more available for the man(or woman) in the street, the need to earn a full-time living from Photography has become harder. I would not profess to know all the answers but I am continually striving to improve my services and embrace the new challenges that may arise.

    Thank you for looking at this site and please feel free to contact me if you require any further information.